Central London Harinam


New Year’s Eve Harinam in Central London.

The great thing about London on New Year’s Eve is the whole of central London becomes pedestrianised, millions of people come to celebrate on the streets, but there is no entertainment to focus on. Then in comes the Hare Krishnas, with an explosive , joyful , sound and beat. Causing the real party of Lord Caitanya to take off in a blissful celebration. It is on the streets where you feel that the mercy of Lord Gauranga could sweep away the black tide of Kali Yuga. Enjoy the movie .

While planing last New Year’s Eve Harinam , our dear friend Bhaja Hari prabhu left this world, this Saturday we will have a Harinam procession in his honour. The link below is from last years one , enjoy the movie.

Your servant
Parasuram das

Who’s the Biggest Devotee?


At 7 foot 1 inch tall, with a shoe size 19, our Bhima prabhu comes in as number 1, the biggest devotee in the world !!!
Bhima was working at “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” in London, when our Harinam dancing king Rishi Rai Prabhu took Bhima for a spin, can’t resist twirling around such a big guy on Harinam. Then Doyal Mora prabhu gave him an ISKCON bomb, one of Srila Prabhupada’s books.
After completing the Bhakta program Bhima became a book distributer and a member of our festival drama team, presently he is distributing Prasad daily at the Universities.

It turned out that Bhima is famous movie actor , appearing in over 20 movies such as X Men, I have attached a short movie of Bhima fighting with Gerry Butler ( King Leonidas ) from the movie Roch n Roller with an alternative Krishna Consciousness ending.

Bhima Das movie star in "Rocknrolla" from ardas on Vimeo.

Warning ! There is a lot of violence here, not for those with a staunch in position.

Your servant
Parasuram das

Remember the importance of the personal invite


There is a lasting memory of my early days with the beautiful devotees who introduced me to the joys of bhakti and that was the very personal nature of the dealings with each person who came to the centre
One thing was that I never missed the visit by the individual who became my own Guru Maharaja simply because they would immediately let everyone know in their address books and everyone had an invite.
I was in many ways very much privileged to have come into contact with great personal devotees who were always inspirational and even to today who’s company I miss. But I’m growing concerned about the growing impersonalism that has gripped the movement and has led to my successively missing my own guru maharaja’s ‘s visit.
What is most upsetting is that devotees can happily get in touch with me for so many different reasons but not for this one important event, when I questioned one individual they simply replied “we don’t do that we just put it on our webpage”
Yes when I came into the movement social media was as far advanced as a simple text, website’s were basic as we still had dial up connections and so a very personal connection and invite. Now everything is web based or social media and it has made us lazy.
Invités out? Yes prabhu I’ve posted it on our media outlets it took me ages prabhu but it’s done.
As more and more individuals are starting to get disconnected by social media and many are longing at the return of the personal touch. Indeed a personal call or message can make the difference it tells the person you thought of them and indeed you want them their.
In those early days I knew the devotees wanted me their indeed they would impress upon me the importance of being there, now one gets the impression that turn up or not really we don’t care.
It hurt most as I get many personal invites from other religious groups and samprabhia’s and it occurred to me the rush to become modern and a religious movement rather than a movement or as Srila Prabhupada put it a cult for Krishna Consciousness has made it more impersonal than personal.
Courses, forms, committees and no personal invites because well Prabhu it takes to long and I don’t have the time Prabhu has become more important than the individual.
And so as I felt the need to send a quick reply, if you’re not willing to do me the courtesy of inviting me to even see my own Guru Maharaja then please don’t contact me for any other reason.
This is simply a personal thing and I’m sure many would agree if you cannot personally invite but can contact for all other reasons then please I humbly request don’t contact me
But I make this humble request please Yes post on social media but please remember that what is better is the simple personal invite, You will never know how much it would make someone’s day and prove that actually you do care for the individual
It’s a thought I hope you will all ponder and consider

The Greatest example of equality and encouragement


Over the past few months I’ve been looking at UK legislation in regards to health care provisions and one of the acts is the Equality Act 2010 an interesting piece of legislation I had to write about on how to implement.
As I sat writing their was one thing that kept on entering into my head and that was how without even knowing the legislation His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivadanta swami Prabhupada covered it perfectly and so I wanted to write how his example is the one all should follow.

It is interesting to note that the legislation requires everyone to be treated equally whilst taking into account the individual’s personal needs and abilities.
Srila Prabhupada understood one vital fact each and every person is spirit soul trapped in a certain type of material body and that this material body impacted on what we could or couldn’t do. So for some he pushed whilst others just associated and did what they could do, however each was encouraged to make a success of their Krishna consciousness and with the simple instruction that it is our duty this life time to go home back back to godhead. Each one was almost given an individual plan of activity from Harinam, book distribution, translation and printing to running the centre’s their was so many ways in which one could serve the mission and on the whole as I speak to the disciples who speak of how they were simply happy and enjoyed what they were doing and so it was easy to follow the rules Srila Prabhupada put in place.
Srila Prabhupada knew we would be forced by material nature to act in a particular way and to have certain types of desire weaknesses and strengths and in the movement he created each person had their place, felt needed and appreciated. From the academic who loved the deep study and able to teach to those who were great artists who created beautiful pictures, great sankirtan devotees to those who create great prasadam and not forgetting those who took up pujari seva. So much and so many opportunities you could simply learn to serve the mission and advance; this is the greatest equality one no piece of legislation can understand or replicate.
So we need to learn this great art of engaging each person in our mentorship system learning how best to engage them in a way that they make first class progress following the greatest example given to us by Srila Prabhupada. This wisdom was used when I came into devotee association when one simply wanted to assist the devotees and indeed one was simply happy and by association making great spiritual progress.
Simply return to basics
Each is spirit soul entrapped in a body and learning how best to use this human form of life to advance in Krishna Consciousness is the greatest gift; and we have in His Divine Grace the greatest example to follow.
Hare Krishna.

pub preaching


it has been a while since I’ve written anything for my blog although I’ve been approached on a number of occasions to write about some of the activities I’ve been up to; so here goes.

I had been pondering for a while how HH A.C.Bhaktivadanta Swami Prabhupada went all the way to america to preach the joy of Sri Caitanya Sankirtan movement he didn’t go to the most affluent area but to where the hippies and down and out’s stayed; amazingly they took totally to this life of bhakti and many remain dedicated to the mission inspiring us younger ones.

so looking at the local demographics I pondered where are those in most need of hearing about the glories of Sri Krishna; and seeing that locally there is a huge pub culture but I had doubts given the message and if this would be appropriate. So I was approached by a reading group who met in a local pub to speak on the Gita and after some pondering I decided to agree after all if people are willing to hear then well that should be enough. it went well indeed we discussed long after the closing time, so we agreed to meet once a month.

news spreads quickly and so I was asked to do the same in a few other local pubs and this progressed to an open evening meet the monk in the pub open question evening; it is indeed very challenging as you never know what will be raised.

so has it been worth it?

well it’s great to see that the message of Krishna Consciousness has been well received and indeed a small group has taken very nicely; near on 30 sincere souls have taken the chant one round of japa challenge and indeed 10 of these are now chanting regular 16 rounds of Japa. I have been humbled by this.

as to the four regulative principles; well I’ve presented them as the four protections and indeed have been humbled by those who have taken them up so nicely; some struggle and some well don’t get it.

but for me the main thing is that many people are benefiting from hearing and some are indeed making the changes in their life; and although I wouldn’t recommend entering into your local pub, finding were and sharing love of krishna to those who are in the greatest needs brings success and joy that words themselves cannot express.

Hare Krishna

Mother Kulangana


It was with sadness and also joy hearing of the passing away of Mother Kulangara:
Sadness because she touched so many people’s hearts and inspired us all and the Manor will not be the same; and how by her actions alone taught us the meaning of pure devotional service.

But joy as she returned home; her Guru Maharaja Srila Prabhupada greeting and showing her the spiritual world the real perfection of life.
I wish to share some of my own personal memories of how Mother Kulangana inspired cared with just a few recollections
One remembers clearly our first meeting, I had been helping the food for all team and had cut myself and was sat outside the kitchen putting pressure on the wound; Mother Kulangana came with great concern seeing the cut she insisted on helping returning promptly with plasters & dressing. The following day she came to check everything was alright and handed me a lovely mangala arati sweets, her concern and sincerity shone she cared for each individual wanting nothing in return.
Each day I would be in the temple early and I was always humbled and amazed Mother Kulangana was always their doing her japa; I was determined one day I will arrive before her but no matter how early I arrived Mother Kulangana was their it inspired me and reminded me of the great importance of japa.
The opportunity to assist in the sweet mangala arati transfers at the Manor showed me Mother Kulangana devotion to her Guru Maharaja Srila Prabhupada and to Sri Sri RadhaGokulananda; she would not only make the sweets but would come just after arati to collect and pay for some of them. It was never for her own personal use but for visitors and friends; I remember her telling someone who told her to just take what she wanted, No I can never steal from my beloved Krishna I must pay for them this is devotional service.
So attentive was Mother Kulangana that on occasions in the morning as I was putting the sweets on the offering plate she would check, make sure Sri Krishna can see the picture I made them especially don’t put one on top of the other the colours will run. It reminded me and showed me the importance of the service and her loving advice making sure at each step one served Sri Krishna with the highest standards we were doing the service for Krishna.
It reminded me one day as we were in the temple room doing our japa their was a call from the pujari “where’s krishnas Sweet’s, Krishna needs his sweets”; Mother Kulangana was immediately rushing to the kitchen; I was unsure about helping as I wasn’t pujari clean she smiled “don’t worry Sri Krishna won’t” we sorted out the offering plates no time to make hot milk and Mother Kulangana dispatched myself and the pujari plates in hand running from the kitchen to the alter. I stayed on to set up all what was needed to clean and wash the deities, but even now I don’t know how Mother Kulangana got to the kitchen before me as we both set out at the same time, but in each interaction I learnt more about loving devotion and the joy of service just simply by her perfect example, greatness does not come from one telling you how great they are greatness comes from example, her love for her Guru Maharaja Srila Prabhupada and her love for Sri Krishna being her only motivation and one knew you were in the presence of greatness the humble servant of the servant of the servant who’s serving Sri Krishna.
This was her greatest beauty humble servant and ability to inspire everyone she met to also simply enjoy the joy of service
And this ability to inspire all to serve will be my lasting memory of the Manors greatest mother to all that came Mother Kulangana
And so now she is dancing and serving in the spiritual world simply because she humbly served here in the material world, the perfection of life.

Hare Krishna

First Ratha Yatra ever in York Uk


Dear Prabhus
Pamho agtsp,

This Friday is a historical day , the first Rathayatra ever in York, and the beginning of the annual Northern Tour which will go on for the next 10,000 years.
We are renting a mini bus and taking Tribhuvanath Prabhus van.
Mahavishnu Swami , Janananda Swami ( join us on the way) the Ruci party, a drama group from Russia and a team of chanting devotees.

We are leaving Bhaktivedanta Manor 8am.

An update from our side – Lord Mayor of York has kindly agreed to come for the festival. We shall receive her at 12.45pm and she would be sharing her joy of having the Ratha Yatra festival in York. At 1pm we will begin with the opening ceremony which includes:
Blowing of Conchshell
Chanting of verses from Brahma Samhita
Offering and Worship of Lord Jagannatha
Traditional dance
Then we begin with pulling the chariot with all pomp and enthusiasm chanting the Holy Names of the Lord in the beautiful streets of York!

Liverpool Ratha Yatra – Chariot Festival

The procession will start outside M&S in parliament street towards Coney street via High Ousegate.

Yours Humbly

Cardiff Rathayatra 2017


The summer here in Wales has been unseasonably wet, with rain more accustomed to April than August; until today when Sri Sri Jagganatha blessed the Welsh capital spreading his mercy and joy as Cardiff celebrated its 12 rathayatra

The rathayatra was opened by the High Commissioner for India here in the UK then a wonderful procession and the great chanting of the mahamantra whilst Sri Jagganatha blessed and captivated all, it was indeed a wonderful perfect time under a perfect summer sunshine.

Ending up at the picture’s Bute Park, were prasadam and information on the beautiful joy of devotion was shared.
For your pleasure here is the small video I took and pictures

Hare Krishna

Tolerance and Compassion


Just ending a run of school and community visits, they always inspire especially some of the interactions and some very thoughtful questions.
One of the things I cover is the four regulative principles, however one never refers to them as regulative principles but as the four protections; normally including some statistical information and examples of how following protects from many social ills
There is however one that always brings the greatest discussion that of No Meat Eating, so for the past few years I’ve started to get them first to talk about and share experiences of their own pets. It always brings out a pause for thought and often continues well after the scheduled time.
Several years ago after one such presentation one individual felt somewhat cheated as he felt only one outcome of the way I introduced the concept of non meat eating, and found out my schedule for the next few months. It was challenging as each time his vocal interruptions and comments became more cutting;however I felt this is a great opportunity to learn tolerance, but also how to adjust each presentation to counteract his growing hostility.
So seeing him approaching me earlier on this week after another community presentation I was ready for another interesting interaction where he brings different reasons why everyone should eat meat. Surprisingly this was truly a sweet interaction, he thanked me for never throwing him out and always giving him some time to speak, by the way I’ve been vegetarian for over a year now which took me by surprise.
He started to explain that during each interaction he started to realise that his arguments failed each time, and that whilst he was getting angrier I had remained calm and that a the end of our last meeting I handed him a Gita and said one day he will be able to read it and understand.
He explained how much his health had improved since giving up meat and one day decided he would read the Gita, we sat as he had lots of questions based on what he had read; a truly remarkable change.
It reminded me that being more tolerant than a tree and full of compassion for the fallen conditioned soul is more than words we say every morning, but something we should put into practice as each person we meet no matter how hostile can one day make a start in a life of devotion.

Stonehenge and Glastonbury Festivals


Summer Solstice Festival at Stonehenge UK
Each year on the longest day of the year, a great festival takes place at the ancient Stonehenge site. The “English Heritage” invite us to perform the Midnight Rathayatra and to do the mass Prasad distribution. Enjoy the video.

Glastonbury Music Festival .
Following In Tribhuvanath Prabhu’s foot steps, we maintain this dynamic preaching initiative, as when he was physically with us.
Enjoy the video

Your servant
Parasuram das