Vedic Culture


As some of you are aware things have been a bit difficult in camp dave recently only eased by the chanting of the holy names and the strange mercy from Krishna who has increased my contact via the internet four-fold to keep me focused and emotionally stable.

But through it all I was asking myself and after arati asking Krishna what is it I need to learn, how is this going to help me progress in my devotional service and understanding devotee life; confusion rained up until morning class at The Manor when the bulb finally switched on and clarity rained supreme.

Several senior devotees there were also inspired by the class on Vedic culture and understanding Vedic culture from a western concept by HG Sutapa Das who personally I’ve never heard give class before.

But as always Krishna brings clarity and understanding to those who seek a truthful answer no matter how painful it may be.

This also reflects that of my Guru Maharaja who always promotes the vadic culture as a life style choice and explains in a way those without vadic culture can understand, and as always my heart grows heavy with separation so it was nice to see several clips from The Ukraine Festival

I would say that anyone who wants to understand the vedic culture should listen to the class it will inspire.


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