As we have just celebrated the appearance day of Jesus Christ do we understand that his life gives us an insight into the transmigration of the soul?


This lesson is often overlooked and in a majority of cases missed.

The bible clearly states that God gave his only begotten son to counteract the sins of man, an atonement for our sins; to give us a way out of material suffering that the soul now finds itself in.

Now Jesus has to be pure, a spirit soul; the bible explains how he was born unto Mary a virgin this is important that the spirit soul that is god’s son is transmigrated from spirit soul and given a material body. The fact that it was to a virgin it shows that Jesus was indeed not contaminated by the material body but we see that Jesus always remained connected with and understood he was a spirit soul, even as a child he wanted to be in or near god’s house listening learning and more importantly teaching.

Now we move to the end of his material life, had anything changed? No.

He remained in full understanding, that this material body is only temporary along with it’s suffering for he said “let not my will but your will be done” the greater understanding that this suffering is indeed short lived.

But as he was put into place to die a cruel unjustified death we see something else that very few could see that Jesus suffering was different not like that suffering of an ordinary man. Indeed one of those who was too being crucified understood this greater truth and asked that he could be with Jesus and what was the reply? “you will today be with me in paradise” note the immediacy, but how could this be so unless the soul is separate from the body and can transmigrate from one plain to another.

We see that both in human terms died the material body no longer had life, so realistically this is the end of the story, there is no need to celebrate the birth or life of Jesus may be just recognizing him as a man of principle; no there is a higher realization.

The disciples had little understanding of transmigration of the soul, even though the bible also clearly states “fear not those who kill the body, but cannot destroy the soul” indicating that the soul in in fact eternal; we see that they were over come with grief and that some provisions had been made to give the remains of Jesus a humble but dignified send off.

We see how later when they came and could see that the tomb stone had in fact been moved that it was presumed that it had unfortunately been robbed; we see that the early reports that Jesus was in fact alive were dismissed after all Jesus showed this miracle first to a woman (I am sure many thought her to be overly emotional and thinking that people she could see was Jesus because of some similarity); it was only when Jesus revealed himself even allowing one of his disciples to touch the wound inflicted by the soldier that they believed he had risen again.

This proves that without the soul the body remains nothing but a few gross eliminates.

But was this the end, no we see that Jesus then allowed the disciples and close followers to see his assent-ion into heaven, but how could he go in a human form? Indeed NASA spends billions of pounds to put man into space, and we have to have so much facility to fly. Simply put he couldn’t the body is simply a covering for the soul that is not effected by the covering it finds itself in; we see a transmigration of the soul form material to spiritual.

And what of the other soul that realized this the one who understood this higher truth, who although Jesus was in the same situation as he found himself in could see that there was a difference? Heres a thought may be he was the first follower of Christ to return back home too taking a spiritual form, the eternity of the soul further being demonstrated.

Now lets look at Jesus and his miracles do they too give an indication as to the eternity of the soul?

Indeed so

We see how even though Jesus delayed going even though urgency was given by the messengers that one of his believers was gravely ill so much so that on his arrival the material body was indeed quiet dead (due to the heat it is quiet possible that decomposition had already started to taken place) all appeared lost; Jesus was told to go away for what use was he the great healer now.

Again a misunderstanding of the eternity of the soul, Jesus simple commanded that he get up; the soul was instantly returned to the material body and thus he promptly got up a miracle beyond miracles.

But despite all these no one asks the deeper question how and why, what can I truly learn, but question the whole idea of transmigration of the soul or dismiss it a preposterous a complete nonsense a fallacy; we see the we only live once so lets enjoy, enjoy, enjoy mentality. Little understanding this basic biblical pearl that the soul never ever dies.

The Srimad-Bhagavatam (SB) 10.1.40 explains:

Just as a person traveling on the road rests one foot on the ground and then lifts the other, or as a worm on a vegetable transfers itself to one leaf and then gives up the previous one, the conditioned soul takes shelter of another body and then gives up the one he had before.

In a conversation with Dr Singh, Srila Prabhupada explains the true meaning of transmigration of the soul:

Dr. Singh. Srila Prabhupada, what is the difference between the transmigration of souls in animal bodies and the transmigration of human souls?

Srila Prabhupada. Animals transmigrate in only one direction — upward — but human beings can transmigrate to either a higher or a lower form of life. The body is awarded according to the living entity’s desire. The lower animals have one kind of desire, but the human being has thousands and millions of desires — animal desires as well as human desires. By nature’s law, the lower species are coming up from animal forms to the higher, human forms. But once you come to the human form, if you don’t cultivate Krsna consciousness you may return to the body of a cat or dog.

(The Ninth Morning Walk: May 13, 1973)

And in his purport for the scripture found in the SB he explains:

This is the process of the soul’s transmigration from one body to another. At the time of death, according to his mental condition, the living being is carried by the subtle body, consisting of mind, intelligence and ego, to another gross body.

The person next to Jesus showed great understanding at the point of death, about the higher truth in Jesus life and message, the question is are we willing to listen, follow and understand. We see that sadly in society this message of hope and eternity of the soul is lost, for the simple act of pleasing the senses with food, drink and gifts.

May we never forget this higher truth, the soul remains eternal, can transmigrate from one plain to another and may this influence our actions in our own personal life.