Stanwell School (CelebratingRE)


Today I received the official pictures from Stanwell School from the opening day of CelebratingRE a month of events throughout the UK on the importance of religious education in schools.

It’s always nice to enter into an auditorium were lovely music is being played, the students were very accomplished.

The various faiths were invited to take part in a question and answer session with six form students, sadly we could have done with more time.

Addressing the launch delegates on the importance of religious education in schools.

Our host’s from Stanwell School that made us more than welcome and helped in the smooth running of the school.

Adraham the jewish representative and myself

One of the plays put on, very poignant, although the message was lost if you cannot speak welsh.

The youngest school to take part, they put a lot of effort into the singing of the celebratingRE song. I’m sure it’s a day they will remember for a long time

Networking, learning more about what other organizations do and research into the take up of RE and it’s impact in schools

The different faiths in Wales coming together.