Engage all, even council/government officials in service


There are many reasons why people come in to devotional life, each as diverse as the people we meet.

There is also many reasons why people undertake and do devotional service, some for financial reward, some seeking benediction, some for company and some as they understand the significance in devotional service and spiritual life.

The nack is that devotees, temple managers help and engage each one in some form of service no matter what the underlying motivation/reason may be, unlocking there potential and talents in the pursuit of serving Srila Prabhupada’s mission and making some advancement in spiritual life.

The expert way we engage each person who comes to or make contact with the temples/centers has to be done with understanding and compassion, we see that in some cases local council/government officials approach asking to visit or help; and this proves sometimes a difficult challenge and a need to understand the reasons and motivation why; but personally I feel we should look at and use these opportunities in either increasing preaching or engaging them in some small service even if that may be offering a small flower or joining in chanting the holy names of Krishna.

I am not under any elusion that my invite to take part in the holocaust memorial day and CelebratingRE events has some political motivation so those arranging can tick the box accordingly we have met the diversity requirements; but it does give the opportunity to share Krishna and gives the devotees some presence as being part of and not separate from the wider community.

Recently I’ve been approached by some local government diversity groups asking for not only assistance not only giving a presence but also asking if they can help assist in some way; this has proved useful within the local council especially working in SACRE who’s help has allowed me not only to introduce Mother Urmila’s books in to schools but also in presenting Krishna Consciousness in both primary and secondary schools.

Even if they wish to visit during an election period and we can in many ways say this is not the purist reason to visit after all there only after your/mine vote but we can expertly engage them in some form of devotional service. We expertly use this willingness to come to the temple/center in helping them actually start there devotional life.

For me it comes down to this each person comes to the temple/center for many reasons, and for some it’s not for spiritual enlightenment but for some personal gain; but the expert way we use each and every opportunity as not only a preaching and sharing time but also one to help engage individuals in service we can assist in there spiritual progress.

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