It’s not just Vegetarian, It’s Kali Yuga Vegetarian.


In this age of Kali we have the cheated and the cheaters, this more so when it comes to the food we buy and consume.

As devotees we should always prepare our food, fresh each day offering it to Krishna; lovely Krishna Prasadam and in this way avoiding being cheated in any way.

But practically we know for some this is difficult either due to life style or work commitments meaning your away from cooking facilities for long periods of time; and the bodily needs are there and so may buy and eat the prepared goodies on sale.

Several months ago I was talking to a devotee who was saying how they bought a meal that had on it the vegetarian logo;

they then felt ill and looking more closely at the ingredients found that it contained egg; phoning the company they were informed that egg was accepted as vegetarian and didn’t understand the problem.

I’ve sent my time looking at these pre-prepared meals and meat substitutes for those following a vegetarian diet and found that although they all carried the vegetarian logo most had egg within the list of ingredients; and only a handful were in fact truly vegetarian (these actually had the vegetarian society approval logo or the vegan logo).

Indeed can you blame the manufacturers of these pre-prepared meals when they will simply quote the high sales figures and point out that it is an acceptable ingredient found in all vegetarian meals; the cheaters simply cheating.

Even the simplest thing like a pie had egg as a glazing (alternatives are available)

Whilst other meals can be prepared very simply without the use of egg and it’s inclusion simply shows a lack of culinary knowledge and sloppiness in food preparation and execution of the the dish; whilst the egg itself adds nothing to the flavor or consistency and is an unnecessary addition.

Yes, prepare your own; take a butty/meal with you to eat at a later time, and if you are tempted to buy a ready pre-prepared sandwich/meal never rely on the logo’s reporting it’s vegetarian credentials take time and read the ingredients unless you too want to join the ranks of those who are simply cheated.

After all it’s not just vegetarian, this is Kali Yuga Vegetarian made to help you more easily break the regulative principles; ENJOY!

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