Matchless Gifts


It is the inspirational endevor of Parsharam to spread Krsna Conciousness in as many ways as possible, an inspirational devotee who quietly runs many programs including Food For All in London. And provisions for many of the Ratheatras

Later on this year it is planned to go sailing in India in a small home built inflatable banana boat with HH Mahavisnu Swami. This too should be documented and posted on the Matchless Gifts sight.

The videos already posted covers the may projects and outreach done by only a small group of devotees, who work hard all year round.

He is looking at trying to raise the profile more the web-sight can be found at were you can see how a small inspired group of devotees can make a big diffrence, any assistance or advice would be greatfully recieved.

Any suggestions on improving the web sight and inreasing the exposure would be very much appreciated.