The nice thing about videoing class is that you can hear it again, and the class last Sunday certainly made me pause for thought.
Not only was it down to a grim picture of the hellish planets, but the reminder of the battle we are engaged in and the need to battle on despite the obstacles that may appear to get in our way.

It also reminded me conversation’s I have had with individuals through the year, on the sacrifice that Jesus made and the way this should compel us to change. I remember a lay preacher when I challenged him on why he was still smoking and drinking heavily, his reply was shocking but indicative of the modern attitude; “well if Jesus wanted me to stop then he would take my desire for smoking and drinking away” he explained that he had given his heart to the Lord so all his sins are forgiven and he is guaranteed a place in heaven. HUM!

I asked about the scripture that says many people would do many things in my name but I shall say that indeed I do not know you. The instruction to pick up your own cross and the example of the disciples who did just that giving up many things including their professions and suffered greatly just to serve and document Jesus’ life.
But we appear to forget that if we believe we would want to, indeed compelled to make change no matter what the struggle of personal sacrifice.

We were told of a letter Srila Prabhupada received; it was from a couple who explained that they were struggling with sex life; it was so graphic in its detail that those who read the letter were shocked by its contents. Srila Prabhupada sat their crying, when asked he said “This is Glorious GLORIOUS!” Why was it glorious?

Srila Prabhupada explained that they understood the battle they were in and fighting to make the changes in their lives despite the many obstacles just to make spiritual advancement. He asked those around “What are you doing? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? What fight are you in?”

We are in a battle with many struggles and for some this may mean falling down/blooping, but we should were we can support, show understanding rather than condemning. And if asked for advice and help we should do this in a way that would encourage the person that the battle is well worth fighting.

But as Srila Prabhupada says we should be aware of our own battles our own hindrances to spiritual enlightenment, as like the devotees who asked for help, with us all feeling safe and able to ask those advanced enough to help.