Friend’s with benefits!


The other day I was reminded of one of my young colleges and how what was initially proposed as the future of relationships turning sower and shows how intelligence can be simply covered by the desire’s of the body.

You see when we first met you couldn’t but notice her feminine beauty being one of those girls who are immediately noticed as she walks into the room and after talking to her you couldn’t help but be impressed especially seeing that she had several degrees.

However there was a notion that she shared somewhat freely, her friend with benefits; now being a little older there was a little confusion “friends with benefits” doesn’t all friends bring some benefit for in all friendships there’s always some exchange. But hers was somewhat of a more gross exchange, when there was some physical need she would call her friend who would come around and see to them leaving when the need was over (a thoroughly modern affair).

Now for most men this was simply the ideal, you can have your cake (so to say) and eat it with no recourse or commitment; and when the phone goes you know why. So for both there seemed to be an ideal solution or was it?

Over the time she would make a play of her phoning the friend with benefits, and all seemed to be going well; but then it happened the emotional needs were not being met and she wanted more of a proper relationships the physical needs were being seen to but she now wanted more.

Interestingly enough her friend was not quiet into the proposition of becoming more of an couple; after all he had been on a good thing; she was beside herself how could this have happened? The friend with benefits ideal had become sower.

There was also very little sympathy for her predicament especially from her female friends after all if you give out certain favors with out there being a commitment then what can you expect?

Which makes me think about how we look at life from our immediate desire and needs, unaware or blind of the consequence or long term effects on our happiness, well-being both physically and mentally. Ultimately we see that the problems are deeper than the needs of the material body but more of a spiritual need a need to connect with Krishna.

We can use our intelligence in so many ways, to advance in our understanding of our spiritual self, or learn how to advance our material self. One brings eternal benefit gives us guidance that keeps us if followed away from harm and all difficulties the other leads us further into difficulty as we move from one desires to another simply from one difficulty to another.

Seeing her dream of a utopia were her immediate bodily desires are met become the curse that meant the need for companionship was missed, the love and protection that comes from finding that special someone to share life’s journey.

And my realization that growing up in a religious family with set biblical morals that have guided and kept me away from the pitfalls of material life that this has made spiritual progress much easier; this is Krishna’s mercy and the mercy of those who over the years have directed and guided my thoughts, protecting me from such nonsense like friends with benefits.

For those who bring us closer to realization of the spiritual self, giving spiritual guidance are the best friends with benefits we ever need.

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