Further reply to HH Mahavishnu Swami (Africa)


Jambo, and asaanti sana.
(“Hello! and thank you very much”, for those who do not know Kiswahili)

As you have mentioned, there are some unique challenges in the preaching in
Kenya. One of these is that Nairobi is a crime-ridden city (although it is
nowhere nearly as bad as some South African cities). I was cautioned not to
go out of the temple premises after sunset, as that would be too dangerous.
Also, Umapati Prabhu narrated how attempts at robbery had been made in broad
daylight at the temple premises itself. In some of these incidences, the
African staff and devotees had demonstrated examplary loyalty to ISKCON and
foiled the attempts at robbery.

I am not so familiar with the earlier situation, but I was informed that at
some time the situation was so critical, financially and in other respects
that the leaders were even contemplating closing down the Nairobi centre.
Anyhow, somehow it has been kept going, and the present team lead by Umapati
Prabhu is maintaining and expanding the preaching.

At the same time, we should always remember the sacrifice and hard work of
all the pioneer devotees, and indeed all devotees who served in very
difficult situations in this land at anytime.

It is indeed the hard work and sacrifice of all these devotees that has
borne fruit in the form of two gorgeous temples, one for Sri Sri Radha
BankeBihari, and the other for Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadeesh.We make these
humble offerings to Their Lordships and pray for Their further guidance and
opportunities to serve Them.

your servant,

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