Over the last few day’s I’ve been thinking about ice-cream; a confectionary delight that virtually everyone likes indeed I’ve only ever known one person to dislike it.

Somehow this then focused my mind on the Holy Names of Krishna and especially when we share it in Harinama the world famous street chanting of the maha-mantra; indeed everyone watching enjoys and many join in either by clapping on the sideline or entering in and dancing with the devotees. Indeed a vast majority enjoy with only a few hardened souls expressing a dislike.

So why am I thinking of ice-cream?

We actually all love something that’s sweet, and on a hot day a cool refreshing sweet just hits the mark nicely; as the soul becomes exhausted by the thrust of material living we take sanctuary of the quenching delight of the simple sound vibration of Krishna.

But that’s all well and good, but isn’t ice-cream more better if we add a few other confectionary delights, sprinkle a few hundred and thousands on top, add a cone, may be a flake, or a bit of gooey flavored syrup; the expectations whilst standing at the ice-cream van as this marvel is put together to tickle our senses.

So Krishna has so many spiritual delights awaiting us; do we search out for the sweet music that plays and call’s us to participate.

The ice-cream reminded me of the maha-mantra, but devotional service in all it’s amazing forms reminded me of all the extra confectionary delights that adds to the flavor of spiritual life, there is so many combinations all with there own unique quality; and like the confectionary delights added to ice-cream who can resist or say they don’t like?

And as we all know stood by the ice-cream van the great joy as a child sharing this treat with friends, we gain an even greater joy sharing the maha-mantra in the amazing harinama, books, devotional service.

And it reminded me of how you would follow the sound of the ice-cream van with it’s distinctive musical tones the joy of chasing the van is a childhood memory many of us share; do we chase after the spiritual treats in the same way?

Chanting the holy names of Krishna, entering into service, and sharing with others makes for one perfect spiritual ice-cream, Yum Yum.

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