Saturday Night Harinam


SATURDAY NIGHT HARINAM; London (6-02-2016)

RAIN AND STRONG WINDS… said the weather forecast
Still there was a great turnout of devotees and the Harinam was…
special again. So many nice things happened.

One devotee handed out prasadam to 5-6 police officers, one after the other, all in a row, while we were in Leicester Square. A little later on as we left the Square and moved off towards Piccadilly Circus, one policeman was seen playfully dancing, kicking his legs high into the air.

Over the past 4/5 weeks three young students all doing their GCSE’s this year have been coming down from Archway (North London) and enthusiastically joining in with the Harinams. This week they got soaking from the quite heavy rain, but the enthusiasm was not dampened one iota. They all have copies of Bhagavad-Gita and are happily reading them.

Also in recent weeks there have been two sisters (Deena & Diane) attending regularly. They are always happy to help hand out “On Chanting” Booklets and prasadam. This week I had a little chat with them and was really impressed to hear that they have been taking the day return train from Nottingham each week all the way to London specifically to attend the Samkirtan Parties. They came in contact with Krsna Consciousness through a Hare Krsna Festival programme held in Nottingham not long ago.


“So we are sending our men for street saṅkīrtana. It doesn’t matter whether people are eager to hear it or not, but it is auspicious. It will create an atmosphere which is very, very congenial to the human society. That should be our principle.
Srila Prabhupada 6th April 1973 New York.

800 pieces of prasadam and 1,500 On Chanting Booklets

We hope you enjoy this weeks video.


Param Vijayate – Sri Krsna Samkirtanam

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

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