Congratulations or Commiserations upon initiation (a thought)


So meeting a wonderful devotee after his initiation i asked him a simple question “is it congratulations or commiserations?”

He looked a little confused, indeed it is a transforming moment in anyone’s life; and the beginning of a life most extraordinary so in many ways congratulations is in order.

But for those observing outside it can be a moment of commiseration as the focus goes from the pursuit of material gains and as society in general puts emphasis on possessions and financial wealth; and for those who have gained real knowledge understand really​ no value in this which goes against society norms.

So our dormant love of Krishna is woken and initiation is the outward sign of this and seeing others take this step indeed reminds me of this step, but it reminded me of one what i feel is one point to ponder.

The need to remain attentive

Not to let standards slip and to increase our love of Krishna and devotional service

As our spiritual selves emerge and increase from the dormant stage to an active stage, thus being in the material world our old material pursuing self goes from an active to a dormant stage.

The moment one feels well I’m most senior, I’ve been around for so long, or believe that one can become a little less strict in reading and chanting them instantly we can return to the point where we rejoin society in material pursuit

Initiation is a truly wonderful and remarkable the start of real living an opportunity few have and one best shared with everyone, and how best to show our gratitude for such an opportunity. Keep to our initiation vows and make devotees

Hare Krishna

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