Rugby, ISKCON and the pursuit of money a thought


The other day i sat and watched a small unassuming game of rugby RCG and Merthyr it wasn’t​ a high profile Welsh regions game or international, indeed it was a small crowd in a small club rugby pitch.
So why mention it, especially here in my blog?
It reminded me of old school rugby before the pursuit of money in my humble opinion ruined it, the rugby was indeed its purest but for me it was the crowd especially the RCG supporters with the beautiful Welsh hymns ringing out, and even when it looked like they had lost the songs continued (RGC won in a last gasp few seconds on the clock try).
Over the past few weeks I’ve been pondering and reminiscing about those early sweet few years when first meeting the devotees and what it taught me compared to what I’ve seen over the past few years
Money and the pursuit of money corrupts
The other day someone said a small sentence that rang more than a few Bell’s with me and clarity came in it went like this: how come we come and are told we have to do devotional service, but when we want to make progress and move to initiation you charge, where is the loving reciprocation?
Over them early years their was never ever a request for laxmi, the devotees had time to answer any questions and initiation didn’t involve paid for course’s; indeed the devotees made sure you felt special and because of this you simply wanted to reciprocate.
The most shocking and hurtful thing happened when this pursuit of laxmi meant i was charged to see my own Guru Maharaja, and i was trying to work out what was more hurtful charging me as a disciple to see him or charging others to see him.
Why charge?
There is NO excuse or Need to Charge
To share love of Krishna and especially if you have a facility to do it is service, if your charging then service attitude is lost
Again in those early days the devotees had very little but they simply wanted everyone to come here their Guru Maharaja no charging but if you wanted to make a donation to help towards costs then this was seen as beautiful devotional seva.
Seva is king
Reciprocation between devotees is king
Making business and charging pollutes both of these
And so this is why i use the term ISKCON, it’s the original ISKCON i was first introduced to, no charging but simple beautiful reciprocation
And Corporate ISKCON, the one that has stripped out beautiful reciprocation and says well if you want initiation you pay for these courses, fill out these forms and our committee will decide your eligibility
Money and it’s pursuit corrupts
It has ruined the​ game of rugby, and for me it has ruined the purity of Srila Prabhupada ISKCON and loving exchanges
But I’m guessing most who will read this will miss the simple point I’m trying to make and continue to claim I’m anti ISKCON
Hare Krishna

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