Answering an interesting question for those disillusioned with iskcon but want to attend iskcon events


So I was asked a very interesting question the other day, it had a recurring theme that I’ve heard put in many different ways and also one that for me has the basic answer of reciprocation

The question is:

Why do we keep going back to iskcon events. Even though we know there is deep rooted sexism abuse and cover up?

Yes sadly not an uncommon experience the combination of corporate ISKCON and a few individuals who take advantage of a spiritual movement and abuse positions of power, some also question the whole paid courses stating mission drift.

So when such feelings are their and justified individually leaving a bitter taste their remains a need of association or just a need to feel a part of a significant event celebration (although the last event i personally attended was somewhat ruined by the constant bombardment for laxmi, it is not attractive); wholesome reciprocation is all that is needed.

For me it is time to enjoy talking to very sincere devotees about the particular pastime and exchange ideas and thoughts on reaching out to those we meet, simple discrimination means we choose those who enliven us and inspire us in increasing our love of devotion.

But their is something more significant, the presiding deities the special connection we make and actually how Sri Krishna demonstrates the most perfect form of reciprocation, he heard us chant Hare Krishna and that simply reignited our love; no matter what happens because of this purity of love we return simple to take darshan and by doing so this purity of love is simply increased no matter what else we experience.

And I’ve met over the years individuals and families who only come once or twice a year just to see the deities and in a loving exchange give a little something just because of the purity of love felt.

So that for me is the reason why we keep on coming back, it’s not ISKCON but the deities and a simple need of the soul to see them.

Who you whilst their choose to associate with well that comes down to discrimination, choose wisely

Hare Krishna

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