The passing of Bhadaranga Das Prabhu


It was with great sadness i heard about the passing away of a wonderful devotee Bhadaranga Das Prabhu most would know him as Bhakta Ben who spent some time at Bhaktivadanta Manor.

His enthusiasm was indeed infectious and always took time out to talk, sit and share prasadam and whenever he gave class it was always personal and from the heart. With a great thirst for knowledge, leaving to enhance his qualifications so scholar’s would be more willing to hear about Krishna.

It was upon his return home to New Zealand catching up with family went for a short cycle ride and was hit by a truck instantly leaving his body at what many would see a very young age of 30.

He was indeed a unique soul like me not always conformist but with a love of chanting and reading Srila Prabhupada books, and always a joke or two to lighten the mood and put any difficulties faced into a positive perspective.

As always I pray to Sri Krishna for his onwards journey back home

And for many another great soul whose association we will miss

Hare Krishna

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