How much weight do we put on our intelligence?

The other day I read about a young lady who was killed on the M4 a motorway I use regularly, why was she killed? Simply by exiting her car to chase a dog that was loose running across the lanes.
I’m sure normally speaking she wouldn’t entertain or think of leaving the safety of her car due to dangers involved; but her love of dogs made her intelligence temporarily disappear in regards to the real danger.

Then the sad news of a wonderful devotee who was killed upon his return to New Zealand at a local road junction, it’s unclear what happened or who is at fault; but as we know their is always need to be cautious before entering any junction. Again the intelligence is temporarily lost in regards the danger.

Material life is like this, we put lots of emphasis on our intelligence indeed each and everyone​ of us are a slave to our mind which leads us in so many directions, convincing us that our thoughts and our way is constantly right, indeed we then surround ourselves with like minded individuals who will validate our thought processes.

But disaster is always one step away, most of the time we can simply dust ourselves down say how much we’ve learned from the experience and carry on; sometimes sadly actions mean loss of life were upon the onlookers state how their superior intelligence means they wouldn’t make such mistakes.

It reminded me of the simple fact that devotional life isn’t always easy, for we actually if practicing correctly have to deal with the real self and our not so intelligent intelligence. Even the Guru’s mission is to help us overcome this faulty material intelligence and replace with spiritual intelligence.

Srila Prabhupada translated so much and took the time to explain the real meaning each verse and sentence designed to enhance our intelligence and explain how material nature works and how best to overcome it. Every situation is covered there is not one problem or circumstance that isn’t covered and in each turn a positive outcome can be seen, no matter what our own personal situation we can return home this lifetime.

Time and time again Srila Prabhupada reminds and requests we simply chant the holy name’s for in this age of Kali there is no other way, simple reading and chanting, offer our food to the lord.

But best of all we can share this amazing inspirational intelligence with everyone we meet freely and unconditionally just as Srila Prabhupada showed us, and make sure they leave with a book

Hare Krishna

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