First Ratha Yatra ever in York Uk


Dear Prabhus
Pamho agtsp,

This Friday is a historical day , the first Rathayatra ever in York, and the beginning of the annual Northern Tour which will go on for the next 10,000 years.
We are renting a mini bus and taking Tribhuvanath Prabhus van.
Mahavishnu Swami , Janananda Swami ( join us on the way) the Ruci party, a drama group from Russia and a team of chanting devotees.

We are leaving Bhaktivedanta Manor 8am.

An update from our side – Lord Mayor of York has kindly agreed to come for the festival. We shall receive her at 12.45pm and she would be sharing her joy of having the Ratha Yatra festival in York. At 1pm we will begin with the opening ceremony which includes:
Blowing of Conchshell
Chanting of verses from Brahma Samhita
Offering and Worship of Lord Jagannatha
Traditional dance
Then we begin with pulling the chariot with all pomp and enthusiasm chanting the Holy Names of the Lord in the beautiful streets of York!

Liverpool Ratha Yatra – Chariot Festival

The procession will start outside M&S in parliament street towards Coney street via High Ousegate.

Yours Humbly

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