Mother Kulangana


It was with sadness and also joy hearing of the passing away of Mother Kulangara:
Sadness because she touched so many people’s hearts and inspired us all and the Manor will not be the same; and how by her actions alone taught us the meaning of pure devotional service.

But joy as she returned home; her Guru Maharaja Srila Prabhupada greeting and showing her the spiritual world the real perfection of life.
I wish to share some of my own personal memories of how Mother Kulangana inspired cared with just a few recollections
One remembers clearly our first meeting, I had been helping the food for all team and had cut myself and was sat outside the kitchen putting pressure on the wound; Mother Kulangana came with great concern seeing the cut she insisted on helping returning promptly with plasters & dressing. The following day she came to check everything was alright and handed me a lovely mangala arati sweets, her concern and sincerity shone she cared for each individual wanting nothing in return.
Each day I would be in the temple early and I was always humbled and amazed Mother Kulangana was always their doing her japa; I was determined one day I will arrive before her but no matter how early I arrived Mother Kulangana was their it inspired me and reminded me of the great importance of japa.
The opportunity to assist in the sweet mangala arati transfers at the Manor showed me Mother Kulangana devotion to her Guru Maharaja Srila Prabhupada and to Sri Sri RadhaGokulananda; she would not only make the sweets but would come just after arati to collect and pay for some of them. It was never for her own personal use but for visitors and friends; I remember her telling someone who told her to just take what she wanted, No I can never steal from my beloved Krishna I must pay for them this is devotional service.
So attentive was Mother Kulangana that on occasions in the morning as I was putting the sweets on the offering plate she would check, make sure Sri Krishna can see the picture I made them especially don’t put one on top of the other the colours will run. It reminded me and showed me the importance of the service and her loving advice making sure at each step one served Sri Krishna with the highest standards we were doing the service for Krishna.
It reminded me one day as we were in the temple room doing our japa their was a call from the pujari “where’s krishnas Sweet’s, Krishna needs his sweets”; Mother Kulangana was immediately rushing to the kitchen; I was unsure about helping as I wasn’t pujari clean she smiled “don’t worry Sri Krishna won’t” we sorted out the offering plates no time to make hot milk and Mother Kulangana dispatched myself and the pujari plates in hand running from the kitchen to the alter. I stayed on to set up all what was needed to clean and wash the deities, but even now I don’t know how Mother Kulangana got to the kitchen before me as we both set out at the same time, but in each interaction I learnt more about loving devotion and the joy of service just simply by her perfect example, greatness does not come from one telling you how great they are greatness comes from example, her love for her Guru Maharaja Srila Prabhupada and her love for Sri Krishna being her only motivation and one knew you were in the presence of greatness the humble servant of the servant of the servant who’s serving Sri Krishna.
This was her greatest beauty humble servant and ability to inspire everyone she met to also simply enjoy the joy of service
And this ability to inspire all to serve will be my lasting memory of the Manors greatest mother to all that came Mother Kulangana
And so now she is dancing and serving in the spiritual world simply because she humbly served here in the material world, the perfection of life.

Hare Krishna

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