pub preaching


it has been a while since I’ve written anything for my blog although I’ve been approached on a number of occasions to write about some of the activities I’ve been up to; so here goes.

I had been pondering for a while how HH A.C.Bhaktivadanta Swami Prabhupada went all the way to america to preach the joy of Sri Caitanya Sankirtan movement he didn’t go to the most affluent area but to where the hippies and down and out’s stayed; amazingly they took totally to this life of bhakti and many remain dedicated to the mission inspiring us younger ones.

so looking at the local demographics I pondered where are those in most need of hearing about the glories of Sri Krishna; and seeing that locally there is a huge pub culture but I had doubts given the message and if this would be appropriate. So I was approached by a reading group who met in a local pub to speak on the Gita and after some pondering I decided to agree after all if people are willing to hear then well that should be enough. it went well indeed we discussed long after the closing time, so we agreed to meet once a month.

news spreads quickly and so I was asked to do the same in a few other local pubs and this progressed to an open evening meet the monk in the pub open question evening; it is indeed very challenging as you never know what will be raised.

so has it been worth it?

well it’s great to see that the message of Krishna Consciousness has been well received and indeed a small group has taken very nicely; near on 30 sincere souls have taken the chant one round of japa challenge and indeed 10 of these are now chanting regular 16 rounds of Japa. I have been humbled by this.

as to the four regulative principles; well I’ve presented them as the four protections and indeed have been humbled by those who have taken them up so nicely; some struggle and some well don’t get it.

but for me the main thing is that many people are benefiting from hearing and some are indeed making the changes in their life; and although I wouldn’t recommend entering into your local pub, finding were and sharing love of krishna to those who are in the greatest needs brings success and joy that words themselves cannot express.

Hare Krishna