The Greatest example of equality and encouragement


Over the past few months I’ve been looking at UK legislation in regards to health care provisions and one of the acts is the Equality Act 2010 an interesting piece of legislation I had to write about on how to implement.
As I sat writing their was one thing that kept on entering into my head and that was how without even knowing the legislation His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivadanta swami Prabhupada covered it perfectly and so I wanted to write how his example is the one all should follow.

It is interesting to note that the legislation requires everyone to be treated equally whilst taking into account the individual’s personal needs and abilities.
Srila Prabhupada understood one vital fact each and every person is spirit soul trapped in a certain type of material body and that this material body impacted on what we could or couldn’t do. So for some he pushed whilst others just associated and did what they could do, however each was encouraged to make a success of their Krishna consciousness and with the simple instruction that it is our duty this life time to go home back back to godhead. Each one was almost given an individual plan of activity from Harinam, book distribution, translation and printing to running the centre’s their was so many ways in which one could serve the mission and on the whole as I speak to the disciples who speak of how they were simply happy and enjoyed what they were doing and so it was easy to follow the rules Srila Prabhupada put in place.
Srila Prabhupada knew we would be forced by material nature to act in a particular way and to have certain types of desire weaknesses and strengths and in the movement he created each person had their place, felt needed and appreciated. From the academic who loved the deep study and able to teach to those who were great artists who created beautiful pictures, great sankirtan devotees to those who create great prasadam and not forgetting those who took up pujari seva. So much and so many opportunities you could simply learn to serve the mission and advance; this is the greatest equality one no piece of legislation can understand or replicate.
So we need to learn this great art of engaging each person in our mentorship system learning how best to engage them in a way that they make first class progress following the greatest example given to us by Srila Prabhupada. This wisdom was used when I came into devotee association when one simply wanted to assist the devotees and indeed one was simply happy and by association making great spiritual progress.
Simply return to basics
Each is spirit soul entrapped in a body and learning how best to use this human form of life to advance in Krishna Consciousness is the greatest gift; and we have in His Divine Grace the greatest example to follow.
Hare Krishna.