Central London Harinam


New Year’s Eve Harinam in Central London.

The great thing about London on New Year’s Eve is the whole of central London becomes pedestrianised, millions of people come to celebrate on the streets, but there is no entertainment to focus on. Then in comes the Hare Krishnas, with an explosive , joyful , sound and beat. Causing the real party of Lord Caitanya to take off in a blissful celebration. It is on the streets where you feel that the mercy of Lord Gauranga could sweep away the black tide of Kali Yuga. Enjoy the movie .

While planing last New Year’s Eve Harinam , our dear friend Bhaja Hari prabhu left this world, this Saturday we will have a Harinam procession in his honour. The link below is from last years one , enjoy the movie.

Your servant
Parasuram das