Burn realisations


One wonders if I should start blog with how one is a big numpty, instead today I’m going to share my realizations on the event as each situation gives us an opportunity to learn and develop in Krishna Consciousness.

So last Tuesday I started an activity that I’ve done many times before and that is a referb of a zippo lighter, simple and straightforward and up to this day with no problems; all went as normal till the final stage of wiping down to get rid of any residual lighter fluid a moments lack of concentration and the lighter mechanism was struck and well it worked.

Lesson 1 is that a momentary lack of concentration a momentary lack of attentiveness leads to a disaster; one has done japa for many years do I truly give it the attention it needs? One moment of inattention in japa or reading then quickly any progress in Krishna Consciousness can be lost and one can return to the stage one was at before meeting the devotees and started chanting and reading.

Lesson 2 is how we are given directions and instructions both in our spiritual and material life and on the days leading up to the accident we had spoken at length about burns and burn management; what had surprised us was that although we have cover first aid what was notable how some knew about the basic management. There is one thing learning but a completely different outcome on doing, the thing was as the cloth went up in flames I immediately started with both fire management and burns care; so although there was a lot a damage it wasn’t as extensive as it could have been. One hopes and prays that one will remember to chant Hare Krishna when the time comes to leave this material body, but one has to safeguard against simply going through the motions but remain sincere in all we do on the path of bhakti.

Lesson 3 the comfort of being able to chant Hare Krishna, so I had to drive to my local A&E department one could have spent the time concentrating on the burn, so much so that when finally arriving the staff were somewhat amazed at how calm one was. Sadly the night was about to get much longer as I had to travel a further 25 miles to the burns unit, more japa and reflection. One appreciated that no matter what the circumstances one somehow can remember Sri Krishna, now isnt that amazing?

Lesson 4 so the burns unit has an individualised plan of care which means my regularly having to visit for wound dressing changes and any other treatments; yes a burns a burn but as we all know each one is unique; those we meet are unique in one way or another contaminated by material nature and one way or another the beauty of the devotee is being full of compassion we can come up with an individual plan of care to develop their own healing and development in self realisation. It means we have to take time to understand the nature of the individual and the nature of there contamination with material nature and how best to help them develop in bhakti.

So in adversity I have the opportunity to learn and somehow make progress in bhakti; but like my hand it is a slow process but by the expert care and direction of the devotees and nursing staff one will get there.