The effects of Music


The other day I was asked about the effects of music and if there was any notable change in the individual depending on the type of music being played.
The answer to this is complicated in many ways and again if researched it would be more on observational notations and this can pose several inaccuracies as it cold not be directly noted if the change is because of the music or not.

However I have noted that in general the music that my clients listen to can increase behavioural characteristics; the client who has hyper-activity generally likes to listen to high energy dance music with heavy base the volume is rapidly increased. The level of vocal noise and behaviour is noted, however changing the music to that of say my good friend Jayadev Dasa the individual becomes more calm and relaxed.
Now several suffer from high anxiety and appreciate the music from Sitapata Dasa or classical music it has a notable calming effect, but again several choose what can be called moody music.

Again it would be difficult to say if this is directly the music or a change in circumstances and environment but observations would say that the change in music appears to have a correlative effect on mood.

Simply put we should watch what we listen to, and for those who’s music I use on a regular basis to calm and ease tensions felt my those I work with may I express a bug thanks.

Now thinking of music this could be one of the only redeeming factors for the iphone, which despite the latest update continues to have problems although the battery life is a little more improved. The Internet access allows me to listen more readily to ISKCON Melbourne’s classes, although not to download but it’s good.

Also thinking of how unique of the resource is of ISKCON Melbourne’s web-sight is I have been challenged as to why I don’t listen to the live morning class here in the UK, simple it’s exclusiveness you have to be recommended (which for devotees like is problematic) I know of a minimum of 15 individuals who because of this cannot access this resource. May I therefore suggest that following the good example set that we make Krishna Consciousness more accessible to all and get rid of this antiquated control freak mentality and make it a more personal come one come all join us see what wonders and great knowledge we have to offer, rather than an all exclusive devotee only sort of thing. Maybe it’s an opportunity to preach.

After all I was talking to one individual who came to KC simply through listening to the web classes posted by ISKCON Melbourne here in the UK; now that’s some preaching!