Award Nomination


In the post today was a notification of being nominated for an award, in many ways it is nice to be nominated.
But I love the work I do, the people I meet and especially to share little bits of KC with others following the guidance and request made by my own GuruMaharaja many years ago.
I feel that it is only by following his instructions that I have gained such a wide appreciation for my work and to the glory of Sri Krishna.
During his stay HH Mahavishnu Swami wondered why I have not written about my many experiences in sharing KC whilst working and I was enbarresed as he related one of my stories during a recent class he gave.
But for me the recognition of my peers is nice, but far nicer would be that I one day will be recognized and accepted as a devotee, this remains my hearts desire, but I have so many anarta’s I need to work on.
So get another award evening to attend, an unnecessary distraction but thanks to those individuals who took the time to write in appreciation of what I do.