Mundane Conversation’s


It is always nice to find an enquiring mind sometimes the questions are straight forward and other times not so, but also if we listen carefully we can find opportunities to share some nice Krishna Conscious thought during what initially appears a mundane conversation.

This occurred to me just the other day,

Whilst chatting to one of my clients parents about the current ashes tour (cricket); for those who don’t know me whilst in University I did most of my assignments whilst watching the cricket at Lancashire County Cricket Ground and so on occasions find myself talking about the sport (Ok as the saying goes I am mostly in Maya and on occasions fall into Krishna). But we started talking about atonement and although he would like England (thats the county nest to ours on the map were all the ungodly people live) that as Australia (thats the county down under were skippy lives) had been robbed in the first test (played in what is known as God’s country; Wales) then justice would be done (Just so you know if it comes down to it most Welsh will support anyone other than the English; background info).

The discussion then for me any way went onto a higher level, that of atonement for sins, now we usually ask for forgiveness after we have committed a sin, which is all well and good; then all is well with the world and we can go back to our lives with a clean conscious and as most people know go on and carry out the sin all over again (the repeated sin)

However he had been reading a book were the guy knew he would have to take a life in the future, so started to make atonement for the future sin of taking a life. Some 15 years later when asked by the church to take the life he did knowing his sin had already been paid for. He recounted this as being in his mind money in the bank of which we can make a with-drawal to pay for the act we have committed a rather appealing notion.

He knew that as a devotee (well struggling devotee) that I do a lot of what he calls praying so in his mind I must now have a big bank account for which to draw on; hum! what sins can I do today on the strength of the holy name, forgive me dear Guru Maharaja for I have sinned how many more rounds do I have to do this month to make up for it?

Well we know that this is actually an offense to committee sinful activity on the strength of the holy name.

So we actually started into a rather nice and enlivening conversation. (ow and England won the cricket in case anyone was wondering)

Now as I pick most of my clients from there homes they usual immediately focus on the lovely picture of Sri Sri RadhaKrishna but one of my client’s never did as he is fascinated by world war 2 and likes talking about that. I like looking into military history just because all war to me appears pointless and we never really learn from history; but more so that many medical techniques come from war. Suddenly last week he asked two questions the first are you religious? Well I wouldn’t call myself religious but I do believe in Krishna, or as people say God; the next question was in some ways loaded, so how come you’ve been to university and appear intelligent know so much about war and mans inhumanity to each other but still believe in a God, surely this would have persuaded you that god does not exist? Again for me a rather enlivening conversation started and knowing my client he will have more questions next time we meet.

It reminded me of a question my own Guru Maharaja was asked many years ago by a young mataji which was this when I’m out on books I often enter into mundane conversation’s with people when I should be talking about Krishna how do I stop this and only talk about Krishna?

My Guru Maharaja pointed out that to us these are mundane conversation’s but to the person we are talking to these are important, we listen and when the opportunity arrises we share love of God. He pointed out that we should never underestimate the power of the mundane conversation it is about building up a friendship, trust; if we talk always about Krishna when we first meet someone on the street or in work we appear fanatical most people do not like fanatics and thus will give us a wide birth next time they see us and so any further opportunity to share Krishna is lost. We need to find a balance and look for the opportunities that are there to move the focus onto devotional matters whilst respecting the notion that what we as devotees now see as mundane is to them normal.

It occurred to me the other day how sweet it is to turn a mundane conversation into one that is focused on Krishna with individuals who trust and appreciate what you have to say; but mostly that Krishna always provides us with the opportunities to share we just need to be listening out for them.